108MP smartphone from Xiaomi coming up?

Xiaomi launched Redmi 9i in September 2020 in India

Xiaomi launched Redmi 9i in September 2020 in India.

It was in July this year that rumours started floating about the imminent launch of two affordable phones from Xiaomi. What got gadget lovers excited were reports that one of them would be equipped with a 108MP camera, while the other featured a 64 MP camera. However, not much happened since, though Xiaomi did launch Redmi 9i in September.

But things became thrilling when a user on Weibo, China’s popular social network, leaked the codenames of the two phones. Reportedly called Gauguin and Gauguin Pro, the latter has a 108 MP camera, while Gauguin will feature a 64 MP rear camera.

Not much else is known about these smartphones currently, though the Weibo leak suggests that its launch is in the offing. Moreover, Xiaomi is preparing to unveil a new Redmi Note 10 series shortly. This is in addition to the Mi Note smartphone expected to be introduced in November.  

A Weibo user leaked the codenames of two Xiaomi phones, reportedly called Gauguin and Gauguin Pro.

A Weibo user leaked the codenames of two Xiaomi phones, reportedly called Gauguin and Gauguin Pro.


The excitement about these imminent launches is understandable. It is expected that Gauguin Pro, which will be introduced under Redmi’s aegis, will be the most affordable smartphone with premium camera features in the brand’s portfolio.

According to a mobile comparison site  Xiaomi Gauguin Pro is expected to feature a quad-camera system with a 20 MP selfie camera. Operating on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865-7 nm chipset, it could have 8GB to 12 GB RAM and 256GB to 512GB storage with a 6.67" Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.

Last year, Xiaomi introduced several smartphones with cameras that upended the camera pixel game in the Indian mobile market. This included Redmi Note 8 Pro, which has Samsung’s 64-MP image sensor. It followed this by introducing Mi Note 10, which too has a 108-MP camera, similar to what Gauguin Pro is expected to feature.  


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